The Making of the Embroidered Knot Garden Book

Seasonal Garden

Work in progress seasonal garden 2004

Drift wood tree

Combined work using canvas stitches, ribbon embroidery and reclaimed drift wood

Embroidered by Anne Butcher

This garden was the original inspiration for Owens' Knot Garden. Exquisitely worked embroidery combining a full range of different techniques, the garden creates a sense of mystery and encourages the observer to look further into the work. Attention to detail has not been overlooked in any area of the garden- even the hand made iron gates have needlelace vines.

Michael Wicks

Michael taking photos for the Embroidered Knot Garden Book 2006

Embroidered By Carol Stewart

The Moorish Garden was inspired by a visit to Morocco. The beautiful line of orange trees and palms look splendid next to the sparkling water and the fountain is worked using a variety of mixed threads with a glass chandelier bead.

Embroidered By Gillian Allen

Gillian's Knot Garden has been inspired by original 17th century patterns used in garden design. She has expertly broken each canvas stitch down to create a textured floral garden.

Embroidered By Sheila Cockerton

Sheila has created a tranquil Knot Garden using a variety of stitches colours and textures. These represent flowers that were available in England during the Elizabethan period.

The Seasonal Garden

The structure of the garden uses four different grades of canvas. The spring section is worked on 24 threads per inch canvas. The summer on 18 threads per inch, autumn 14 threads per inch and the winter on 10 threads per inch. Each section of flowerbed is worked in the same stitch across the seasons and the weight, thickness and shade of thread changes with the seasons.